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Franz Kafka in Hotel Savoy

A major figure in 20th-century literature, Franz Kafka is known for his works full of symbolism and surrealism, which incisively examine human existence and bureaucracy. Among his most importantworks is the novel "The Castle". In 1922 Kafka spent time at the Savoy Hotel in Špindlerův Mlýn during the writing of this novel, which provided him with an ideal environment for deep reflection on the divisiveness, loneliness and distance from the society of the time.

The Savoy Hotel, with its historic charm, offered Kafka a sense of security and comfort, necessary for the creativeprocess. The distance from everyday life in Prague also allowed him to gain a new perspective on isolation and bureaucracy, the key motifs of "The Castle". For Kafka, this stay represented not only a period of rest, but also an intensive creative period in which he could fully concentrate and immerse himself in his work.