Luxury and soft touches of Provence

Close your eyes - and you are in Provence. The sunlit countryside, the smell of lavender, fertile fields, rich culture and traditions - all inspired our Spa by L‘Occitane. Thanks to authentic cosmetic ingredients with proven properties and traditional massage techniques, our spa transforms into a retreat for your soul and senses,

a place where your mind and body rejuvenate.Let us carry you away into a world of beautiful fragrances,strenghtening the spirit, bringing back pleasant memories and improving your state of mind Choose from our unique selection of care for men and women - discover the beauty of L’0ccitane.

The Mediterranean countries, ingredients and rituals that have become the base of procedures and care in our SPA BY L’OCCITANE. No matter if you choose the facial care "Immortelle - the Secret of Youth", body peeling with "Almond Exfoliating Paste" or antistress massage with premium quality "Lavender" from Haute Provence, your body will gain new energy, tenderness and vitality.

To provide you undisturbed relaxation, children under 12 years are only allowed until 4.30 pm