Zai Ski Test Center

The most frequent question our guests ask about ZAI skis is: What can these skis do that others can't? The answer is very simple: they can do whatever you can do and you will feel as good as you choose. ZAI skis are handcrafted in the small Swiss town of DISENTIS

and they are made - just all other handcrafted products made in Switzerland - from the only best materials and with the highest quality precision. ZAI doesn't follow trends, it forges its own path. And that path is an unforgetable skiing experience.


The forward-thinking approach of ZAI to ski manufacturing has no comparison. They've pioneered new ski building methods and combine traditional skills and the most advanced technologies to re-define the boundaries of skis design and performance.


ZAI uses the best and newest high-tech materials in a innovative way. Wood, stone, rubber, carbon - all the materials are combined to ensure the highest durability and quality of the skis.


ZAI skis are manufactured by a small team of skilled craftsmen who love skiing. Each pair of skis is made with love and passion.


Nothing compares to the feeling of riding ZAIs. The ride is smooth and easy, with effortless control during turns made in any speed. ZAI skis are designed for skiers of all abilities and ages.


First class service, maintance of both the base and surface, insurance against theft during the first year, participation in every year testing of new models with Franco Cavegn in Špindleruv Mlýn. This is ZAI!


We have 15 pairs of testing ZAI skis in various designs, the biggest collection in Europe.

Contact us at or on the phone number 734 490 736 for you personal test.

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